The Leon Foundation of Excellence was formed by a CU business undergrad in May 2016. There is a need for leadership and mindset classes for high school students who are at-risk or on probation. This is our passion. We serve Boulder County and are expanding to Denver over the next year.

The Name

Leon stands for strength and courage. Excellence means above and beyond what is expected. Right now, many students do not see themselves having a future because they have been labeled as criminals. We are here to remind them that they have a purpose! We provide the tools and experiences needed to boost their confidence and bring out their bravery so they may choose to thrive post-graduation.

What We Do & How We Do It

This year we hosted over 30 students as they piloted our leadership program. They heard from a college professor, financial advisor, and local musical star. Working through their limitations and fears, students found that they were special and needed. This summer a few students will pilot our rowing camp, learning about how discipline can bring success. Next year, we will have a year-long leadership program for seniors and several community service projects with local police units.


All funding covers the costs of the programs. The students feel the direct effects of your support. The staff works pro-bono; however, we do have some administration costs such as our website and corporate registration.