The Leon Foundation of Excellence was founded on the realization that everyone has the potential to express the greatness that exists within. This realization was born out of the trials and tribulations of a challenging life. The founder worked through many years of anger, upset, low self esteem, and disappointments, until she found healing and self empowerment. Though this journey is highly rewarding,  there is no need to walk it alone.

We are here for you.

There are many variables that can positively impact a person’s life, the most valuable being:

  • Exposure to new experiences
  • Positive stable role models
  • Reinforcing messages of “I Can”
  • Healing and Self- Actualization

By participating in one of our programs (Foundations of Excellence, YLA Teaching Fellowship, or Mentorship) you will have the tools, experience, and support needed to excel.  We heavily invest in all of our curriculum design, choose wisely when selecting dedicated teaching candidates, and form strong partnerships with our participating schools.

Life is a long journey of self actualization. Know who you are, seek what you want, and heal your wounds. Self mastery will fulfill your needs. It is your purpose.