Welcome to the Leadership Library!

The Leadership Library is a collection of books that are free to students across Colorado. If you would like your own library please contact us.

To Participate in the Leadership Library:

Over the course of the school year read all of the leadership books in your Leadership Library.

Submit an essay after each book. The essay is five paragraphs.

-Two paragraphs summarizing the book

-Two paragraphs on how it influenced your life

-Final paragraph concluding how you are going to integrate what you have learned about into your life

Once you have submitted all essays in typed format, begin brainstorming a service project. The project may take place in your community or elsewhere. It can be done in one day or up to a week. It must have five or more participants including you, the student.

A project plan must be submitted and approved before the project is initiated.

2-3 minutes of video footage of the project completion must be submitted post project completion.

All service projects must be completed by April 24th of each year.

Each student who completes the readings, essays, and service project requirements will be recognized by The Leon Foundation of Excellence.


New Member

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Submit all materials in PDF form to Katie@leonfe.org