Behind the Name: Leon – Lion (A Symbol of Bravery)   Foundation – (Building a Foundation)   Excellence – In Everything We Do

We promise to bravely build a foundation of excellence for all of our students’ lives

The Leon Foundation of Excellence serves high school students who are at-risk or on probation through leadership and character development, mentorship, and personal empowerment experiences. Founded in 2016, The Leon Foundation of Excellence has been growing ever since, helping over 45 students from 8th to 12th grade.

Together, we hope to provide the supports and resources to reduce the school-to-prison pipeline, a route to recidivism for those who have the lowest sense of self. Instead we are building an education to peace pathway.

Unlock, empower, and ignite purpose within marginalized communities, closing the potential gap. Change the school-to-prison pipeline to an education-to-peace pathway.