After several years of running leadership programs for students, we wanted students to have a voice in the programs we were developing so we created our current fall 2019 program, Foundations of Excellence.

In this program, students, as interns for the Leon Foundation of Excellence, go through our regular leadership program, engage in critical conversations about social topics, and then develop programming for their peers based on their voice and their ideas about what they think their peers need to learn to become empowered and well-rounded young adults.

These students meet weekly and dedicate many hours towards the program. They are amazing young people and we can’t wait for you to…

Meet Our Interns!

Meet Cailin.

I’m a senior at Broomfield High School where I am involved in student council, B.L.U.E Crew (freshman seminar), Circle of Friends, the varsity track team, and NHS. I am a big tom boy and I love sports. I’m hoping to major in business at either CU Boulder or University of Hawaii. I love traveling and going on crazy adventures.
Meet Fikri.

Not your average girl , Fikri is an advocate for others, kind-hearted, and wants to go into the medical field after graduating high school.
Meet Lluvia.

I spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews because I sometimes watch after them. I’m a bit shy at first, but after I get comfortable with someone I talk to them more. I often daydream and think a lot about different situations.
Meet Jasleen.

I am passionate about the government, as I have interned with Governor Hickenlooper during 11th grade. I am also currently working on trying to make my local government more accessible through social media and youth outreach. I like leadership and business opportunities, and I like to take initiative in difficult situations. Dogs are one of my favorite animals, and I always get excited whenever I see one.