Ready to make a difference? Learn how to teach!

We train university students to become real teachers through our Young Leaders in Action (YLA) Teacher Fellowship Program. During your time as a teaching fellow, learn how to use lesson plans, manage classroom behavior, improve your public speaking skills, develop yourself as a leader, and more!


Teaching may sound like a scary experience. You may be wondering “I’m in college. How could I teach high school students?”. Through our fellowship we prepare you with everything you need. You will be in the classroom for one hour per week teaching with another fellow. The class size teacher : student ratio is usually around 2:10. With small class sizes and the right training, you will be well supported in the classroom as an agent of change.

Join as a YLA Teaching Fellow!

What we are looking for:

  • University student
  • Average or better grades
  • Time Commitment
  • Desire to help others
  • Courage to learn something new

Apply here: Fellowship Application